SOA Governance – On-Premise & in the Cloud

Today my multi-year collaboration with some industry thought leaders have resulted in the publication of SOA Governance – Governing Shared Services On-Premise and in the Cloud book.

This book is part of the impressive line of Thomas Erl books focused on unbiased, practical, and comprehensive guidance and instruction in the areas of service technology application and innovation.

This book collects proven industry practices for establishing IT governance controls specific to the adoption of SOA and service-orientation.

This comprehensive book provides clear direction as to what does and does not constitute SOA governance and then steps the reader through the most important industry governance practices, as they pertain to individual SOA project lifecycle stages.

With a consistent, vendor-neutral focus, and with the help of case study examples, the book demonstrates how to define and position precepts, organizational roles, processes, standards, and metrics. Readers benefit from thorough and visually depicted cross-references and mapping between roles, processes, precepts, and project stages, enabling them to fully explore dynamics and dependencies and thereby learn how to use these governance controls to create their own custom SOA governance systems.