Launch of Hybrid and Multi Cloud Integration Patterns

I promised in an earlier blog to go into more details with regards to Hybrid and Multi Cloud Integration patterns. As you can imagine reading a blog about a multitude of patterns can be quite boring. I also started to document Hybrid and Multi Cloud patterns that are not integration focused.

Therefore I have decided to launch a web site dedicated to all things Hybrid and Multi Cloud, covering patterns, use cases, articles, and more.

It is still early days but this web site has 30+ patterns including some  example interactions. I have started to map these patterns to cloud vendor services and open source products but this will take some time. 

Currently the patterns are categorized by:

  • Use Case (10 and counting)
  • Focus Area (e.g. Application Integration, Data Integration)
  • Platform (e.g. Application Integration Platform, IoT Platform)
  • Deployment Model (e.g. On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid)

For convenience I have also developed a poster that can be downloaded. I use this poster during workshops and I find it very helpful during the whiteboard sessions. Again I will update this document frequently.

All feedback on the new website is appreciated, including what use cases and patterns you think I should prioritize.

This will be my last post of the year as I have not started my holiday shopping yet!

Have a Happy Holiday and New Year.