First and foremost Digital is not a project, it should be seen as an imperative on which to run a company. This will entail updating the business operating model to take advantage of several technology breakthroughs. In the future the term “Going Digital” will more than likely disappear as Digital is no longer a choice but an imperative and therefore will just be known as doing business.

Digital will have major impacts in several key areas within the business. This has been brought about by the change in people’s expectations when interacting with a business, the ubiquitous adoption of mobility devices by the general population, and the comparatively low cost of entry and access to seamless unlimited access to computing resources. Some of the primary areas of focus are:

  • The way a business engages with its customers and the optimizing of the processes that directly affect the overall customer experience (CX)
  • Transforming its operations to create new value for the business

This will require businesses to

  • Update their Business Operating Model
  • Adopt, Exploit, and Integrate Several Technologies
  • Make use of an ever increasing data-set to make better and faster decisions
  • Embrace agile processes across the business to empower smaller teams to make decisions to innovate and build in an iterative manner

While the list of technologies seems to be growing and morphing it is common to see the following technologies play a part in an overall digital initiative:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Social Computing
  • Blockchain

Additional Information

For additional information read the following blog posts:

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