Cloud Principles

This is a collection of Work in Progress Cloud Principles. These principles are NOT meant to be used as is but as the basis for discussion, selection, modification, and alignment.

All Cloud
  • Statement: The future state for the enterprise is to have all IT capabilities delivered via cloud and to no longer own any data centers.
  • Rationale: Eliminating data centers will reduce costs and allow the company to focus on business capability rather than IT infrastructure.
Avoid Silo-as-a-Service
  • Statement: Avoid Cloud Services offerings that are difficult or impossible to integrate with the other applications in the IT environment.
  • Rationale: Silos create disjointed business processes and increase costs. Have a strategy with regards to Cloud Service Adoption
Cloud First
  • Statement: Cloud services should always be considered as a first option when evaluating how new IT capabilities are to be delivered..
  • Rationale: Leveraging cloud when ever possible will increase agility for IT and the business and potentially reduce costs.
Rehost OVER Replatform OVER Refactor
  • Statement: For existing applications choose rehosting over replatforming over refactoring.
  • Rationale: Minimize the time and effort required to move existing applications to cloud
  • Statement: For new capabilities choose SaaS before implementing on PaaS before deploying to IaaS.
  • Rationale: More value is delivered to the business faster by moving up the “cloud stack”.
Workload Cloud Deployment Flexibility
  • Statement: Selecting PaaS and/or IaaS services that enable workloads to be able to be migrated from one Cloud Vendor to another.
  • Rationale: The flexibility to deploy workloads to multiple Cloud Vendors prevents lock-in.
Workload Deployment Flexibility
  • Statement: Workloads should be able to be migrated from on premises to cloud and vice versa.
  • Rationale: The flexibility to deploy workloads on premises or in the cloud prevents lock-in.

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